Choosing an MRI service provider

When it comes to your health, you have many choices. Kim Suggett, director of operations at Puget Sound for the Center for Imaging Diagnosis (CDI), explains how knowledge is power.

"I think patients don't realize that they have an absolute choice and that their experience will vary depending on where they go.

Choosing wisely means being informed about your options. Therefore, if your doctor tells you that you need some pictures, find the best provider by starting with these three questions:

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1. How is your imaging center better than others?
The first sign of quality in imaging is the experience and knowledge of the staff. Look for a provider that requires team members to be certified and maintain their CEUs (continuing education units). At CDI you get both.

Having a high level of continuing education helps suppliers stay at the forefront of imaging.

When someone obtains certification from organizations such as ARRT and the American B…

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Used MRI Machine

So you get a great deal on a used MRI machine that someone had for sale and you feel like a million dollars. But when you take the equipment to its facilities, you realize that the machine needs helium and that there are additional requirements for a successful installation.
When you call the seller, they tell you that you was not part of the contract and that they also "forgot" to mention that the machine is not guaranteed to comply with the requirements of ACR. While hitting the phone, the site inspector enters and asks you to remove the equipment, as it does not meet safety standards.
Wow, what is the right scenario? The truth is ... it could really happen. While it is clear that the buyer didn’t read "5 questions to ask his supplier before buying a used MRI machine", it is also clear that there is more to buy a used MRI machine in addition to the price itself.   After researching the advantages of reconditioned MRI equipment, MRI types and finding the cheapest M…

What You Need To Start And Complete A MRI Room And Clinic?

Facts About MRI Rooms, Systems, And Parts
The components of a complete MRI system are usually found in three adjacent rooms, as shown in the diagram to the right:       
1) Magnet room        2) Equipment room        3) Control room

MRI Magnet Room Contain.
This MRI magnet, its housing/casing, support shoes, and patient table. Cables, vents, and wiring generally enter the top of the magnet assembly that passes through a tray in the ceiling.
Some cables and pipes can pass from below along the trenches in the floor. The walls of the magnet room is built in layers and perform different independent functions: magnetic shielding to limit the marginal field; acoustic shielding to limit noise transmission to the control room and beyond; Radiofrequency shielding to prevent electromagnetic noise from entering or leaving the room.
The floor must be capable of supporting the considerable weight of the magnet, the table, and the accessories. The weight of a typical 1.5 T cylindrical superconductor scanne…

4 Essential Elements of a MRI Content Marketing Strategy

MRI Consultants that help with Marketing
When we started our MRI consultant marketing agency, MRI consulting was a very specific category. We were one of the few agencies that worked directly with MRI clinics and health offices and hospitals of all sizes, patient volumes, and income. Now, with the expansion of our MRI consulting, health care content marketing has become highly competitive. Providers and health care systems struggle to see their content on each device and channel.
So how can you get your content and attract the patients you want? MRI marketing strategies for essential health content These fundamental elements can make your MRI clinics content interesting for the right the audience at the right time and in the right place. The best strategies are derived from a personalized marketing plan that incorporates several elements (not just one) in a multichannel campaign to target the public at multiple points of contact.

1. Relevant and specific messages Involving an audience wi…